Teaching & Behavior Modification

Stanley’s teaching studio is located in Northwest Las Vegas (Centennial Hills), and he teaches piano, cello, bass (acoustic & electric) for all levels. He also teaches beginning through intermediate guitar and voice and all levels of music theory, composition and studio/live sound engineering (including MIDI sequencing).  The initial “trial” lesson is gratis and offers a chance for students to see the teaching facility and discuss specific needs.  Mr. Davis uses a “situational-style” of music education.

This is 10-year old Sebastian, preparing with Mr. Davis for his recital

Each student’s musical needs are addressed.  Rates are: $50 per hour lesson (payment in advance), $40 for a 45-minute lesson and $30 for a half-hour lesson.  Lessons are on a weekly basis and each student receives three “vacation” days per year, where no lesson fees are charged.  Any further cancellations must be made up (either by teacher or student).

This is Etienne, who has studied with Mr. Davis for 3-years. Besides the cello, she also plays bass, mandolin, guitar and sings & composes a lot of her tunes. All of Mr. Davis

After the free “trial lesson,” a $50 deposit is required and covers the cost(s) of the last lesson, if/when lessons are terminated. At least 24-hours notification must be given for any cancellation. Otherwise, the student will be charged for the lesson.

This is Dubem, preparing for her recital. She

Each student needs to have a spiral notebook, two #2 sharpened pencils and own a metronome or rhythm machine (synthesizer). All other teaching materials are provided by the instructor.

This is Tochi giving her recital.

The instructor can travel to students’ homes for lessons, but an $8 per lesson gas charge is added to each lessons’ fee. Further information available by calling (702) 395-7902 (please leave a message if there is no answer immediately) or by emailing info@stanleydavismusic.com. Age limits are from age six and up. Students are responsible for having their own instruments, but keyboards, basses (electric) and amplifiers are available for use at the studio.

Sebastian giving his recital.

Behavior Modification

Download a sample of Stanley Davis’ research on Behavior Modification, including as it’s applied to teaching.

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