Stanley Davis’ Bio


Highly-respected and creative professional known to build and foster positive interpersonal relationships with industry professionals, colleagues, clients and students. Ability to relate to people at any level of business and management. Talented in understanding and interpreting need of clients. Passion for generating creative ideas; organizing and implementing projects; adapts to new environments with ease. Recognized for strong work ethic and innovative problem solving.

Strong background in the music industry as a music director, certified live & studio tech, licensed music therapist, general manager in large performance venues, music educator (cello, bass, guitar, keys, voice, sound, MIDI, recording engineering), international career as a performing and recording artist, music composer, audio designer and founding member of several well-known regional, national and international music groups (i.e. Tsunami, Jupiter Effect, Larry Rose Band, Magic, AmericanStanBand and legendary entertainers, The Lazy B Wranglers among others). Over 25 CDs, commercial cassettes and LPs released featuring over 100 original compositions.

Certified in audio engineering by UNLV, trained on Yamaha DM 1000 & 2000 mixers in addition to most analog boards; computer skills in sequencing, MIDI” (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) expert, owning a recording facility in Las Vegas dedicated to specific music & music education projects; developed ongoing music education teaching methods used for, and by, hundreds of students, teachers and music professionals.

Natural Log (radio log program) while employed at Ely Radio LLC as a Traffic/Log manager for the radio network; Cakewalk (music-sequencing computer program)-trained, utilized with emphasis on ambientrecording of original compositions for targeted projects in gaming, commercial media, website & audio design inclusions, behavior modification (sports, leisure activities, meditation, events and other applications).

Licensed as Music Therapist, with emphasis on Behavior Modification, by the State of New York where, under Ford Foundation grants, supervised/managed/implemented audio programs and controlled music therapy experiments for Wassaic State School (a 3,500-resident institution for developmentally disabled). Continued that work in the Netherlands, receiving certification and permanent work visa.

Served as a music director/ band founder-leader/ published recording artist/ group leader & organizer/entertainment tech/performer and songwriter. Performed and toured throughout the world; computer savvy with multiple abilities (dedicated & applied programs). Original music recordings in styles that include R & B, Pop, Jazz, Techno, Western & Worldbeat” instrumentals & vocals. Lyricist & Composer. Live sound mixing and stage management at venues ranging in size from small cafes to large concert areas (indoors and outside) in America, Canada and overseas.


Music Director / Composer Radio Commercial Spots Monthly Billing
Recording / Producer Research / Evaluation Supervision
Music Instructor Music Therapist Facilitator
Sound Technician Radio Traffic / Daily Logs Special Events
Ambient Music Development Performer / Musician Organization / Planning


CONSULTANT – Las Vegas, NV 1971 – Present
Private Music Instructor/Music Composer
Creates music for commercial and ?edicateduse; conducts private music lessons (cello, bass, guitar, piano, voice, theory, composition, sound tech)

ELY RADIO LLC (headquarters in Phoenix, AZ) – Las Vegas, NV 2007 – 2009
Radio Traffic/ Log Manager, Commercial Radio Copy/Music Producer
Developed daily logs and templates for three of the network’s seven stations, using the computer program Natural Log 8.169
Wrote copy and music for commercials, legal ids (station IDs), program background and theme music
Maintained complete files of all advertising transactions, orders, programs, etc.
Recorded the copy and music in the studio, formatted it to MP3 (or CDs in some cases); emailed or Fed Exed the finished master to various stations.
Generated two thousand monthly billing statements (also with Natural Log) at the end of each month; printed them, weighed, stamped and mailed statements.
Tracked and monitored account billing; communicated with the network? employees regarding a wide range of HR issues; monitored the activities of 50 employees and 2,000-3,000 clients.
Created templates for many types of events, from holiday specials, to high school sports, to remotes, to Denver Broncos and many sporting events, in addition to importing the talk programs and overnight music, then distributing it to the stations.

Animal Caregiver
Supervised volunteers and groups from various organizations (i.e. Boy Scouts, Churches, etc.).
Provided narration for local television program (30-minutes) aired many times on LV Channel 4, which was a tour of the facility; segment was live, on-camera and explained the different functions and aspects of the Nature Sanctuary and different habitats.
Maintained 200 animal cages each day (mostly exotic birds); fed animals and kept fresh water in the cages; (animals were rescued, displaced and given to the sanctuary).
Unofficial Security Guard making certain that there were no intruders onto the premises.

Entertainment Technician
Ran live audio and assisted with sound mixers of national acts, performing for the opening outdoor concert season and the Hotel/Casino? opening three months.
Served as a liaison between various parties, supervising setups for concerts.
Handled some stage management for events/concerts at the outdoor venue (10,000-12,000 person)
Oversaw indoor facilities, making certain that smaller venues (i.e. clubs & restaurants) were properly set up, sound-wise, and operating correctly; troubleshooting problems.
Assisted head sound tech in Rock Lounge in the stage setup for performing groups.
Ran the Yamaha DM 2000 mixing console on requested nights, for live performances.

RMS RECORDING STUDIOS Las Vegas, NV 1998 99, 2006 – Present
Recording Artist/Producer/Music Director/Composer (still under publishing contract)
Recorded three CDs for commercial release; original music; fronting a 7-piece group – TheAmericanStanBand, engineered by studio owner Lou Carto, Sr.
Signed publishing contract in 2003 with RMS publishing division, Lagen Publishing; published over 20 original songs; assisted in engineering, production, mixing and mastering of over 15 projects (including personal ones), over an eight-year period.

Additional experience:

Music Therapist and Project Director & Leader / WASSAIC STATE SCHOOL
Wassaic, NY

General Manager-Music Director-Emcee-Performer-Producer / LAZY B RANCH
Estes Park, CO
Managed a 1,000-seat Western Music-themed Dinner Theater; supervised 30 staff members on a daily basis; produced shows and tours (musical) for the groups (as leader, director, producer).

Music Creator-Audio Producer-Group Leader-Supervisor / PHOTO BY DILL
Estes Park, CO
One of America’s Largest Family-Reunion Photographers, Videographers; wrote copy and music for video presentations, training videos, etc. for clients including the YMCA of the Rockies-Estes Park, CO and Winter Park/Granby, CO; led group training seminars on family reunions and media.
Organized Shoots for groups as large as 6,000 people, supervising the setups and handling music (entertainment), layout; each year oversaw the sessions conducted in Ft. Collins, CO and Colorado State University, where Photos by Dill took created portraits.

Professional Musician / since age 12, played in venues from the smallest cafes to festivals attended by over 100,000 people.


KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY – Manhattan, KS (Bachelor Degree (BA): Major: Journalism
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY (NYU) – New Paltz, NY (License / Certification in Music Therapy)
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Las Vegas, NV (Certification / Sound Technology – Certification Course)
CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF NIJMEGEN – The Netherlands (Certified / Music Therapy & Special Education Group Leadership)
FAUNT SCHOOL OF MUSIC – Studio City, CA (Certified / Advanced Music Theory and Composition)

In addition: In New York, Holland, Colorado and Nevada: attended many seminars, group workshops and training programs for work in music recording, special education (infant/child development), First Aid; attended countless training workshops for professional musicians and music composers, performers and music therapists.


Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and other MS programs: Cakewalk (music sequencing), Roland E-70, Kurzweil programs, Yamaha AW 16-G Workstation, Yamaha DM 1000, and 2,000, Natural Log 8.169 (radio log, tracking, billing, template program) and many other systems.


Volunteer / Rescue dogs, cats and birds
Foster Parent (along with spouse) / Fostered over 50 children
Volunteer / Work with developmentally disabled and autistic individuals
Volunteer / Provide meals for disadvantaged families; adopted disadvantaged children during Christmas Holidays
Volunteer / Organized and conducted large benefit events for people/families in need, organizing a staff, handling the music end, and delegating the silent auctions, raffles and some logistics
Sigma Delta Chi (Professional Journalism Society)
Ford Foundation Grants and Grant Fellowship / designed and implemented programs

English, Dutch (fluent), French, Music (fluent)